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It's pretty straight forward. Unfortunately cPanel now restricts zone transfers by default and they don't provide an interface to configure BIND ACLs in WHM. Good from a security perspective but a bit of a pain from a configuration perspective.

Assuming you have already configured your slave zones in the Linode DNS manager (using your cPanel IP as the master) and configured your cPanel zones to use Linode NS's ( - - perform the following on your cPanel server:

  1. Edit /etc/named.conf
  2. Add an ACL for the Linode NS IPs
    acl linode_xfer {;;;;;
  3. Comment out the existing line in the options { } stanza:
    // allow-transfer {"none";};
  4. Append:
    allow-transfer { linode_xfer; };
  5. Save and close the file.
  6. Restart BIND
    service named restart

Upon restarting, BIND will notify the Linode name servers which will transfer your zone files. For any new domains you will just need to create the account in cPanel and then create the slave zone in the Linode DNS manager.

You can check the status of the transfers in /var/log/messages.


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