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You’ve created your new app and database through the PagodaBox admin interface and you’re ready to deploy an initial push from your local development directory. I use Windows and XAMPP locally and called my test app “mytest”. You will need to adjust some commands accordingly. I started the Git Bash shell and ran:

cd /c/xampp/htdocs/mytest
git init
git remote add pagoda
git add *
git commit -m “Initial commit”
git push pagoda—all 

You will also need to import your database using their SQL tunnel system.

After that process is complete you should be able to access your app at the address shown in your PagodaBox admin console.

As I develop on the CodeIgniter PHP framework, PagodaBox have a guide on how to setup an appropriate Boxfile and the change required to your “/index.php” and “application/config/database.php” to make deployment as seamless as possible.


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