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These instructions are currently based on Citrix Receiver 12.0 and I installed CentOS 6 from the LiveCD spin. I have also installed Firefox 10 from Remi Collet's repo.

  1. Visit the Citrix Download area, click Client Center then choose Linux from the for Desktops list.
  2. Download the appropriate RPM for your CPU architecture.
  3. Install OpenMotif and dependencies
    # 32bit
    yum install -y alsa-lib glib2 gtk2 libXpm openmotif
    # 64bit
    yum install -y alsa-lib.i686 glib2.i686 gtk2.i686 libXpm.i686 openmotif.i686
  4. Install Citrix Receiver
    # Run in the directory you downloaded the RPM to
    rpm -iv ICAClient*.rpm
  5. By opening Applications -> Internet you should see Citrix Receiver included and if you click it you should see the GUI. As long as the GUI opens the Receiver installation was successful.
  6. You will most likely need to copy your root or intermediate certificate into the Receiver certificate store otherwise you won't be able to launch your published applications.
    1. I opened my Web Interface URL
    2. Single-left-clicked the blue validation area next to the URL bar
    3. Clicked "More information"
    4. Clicked "Security" tab
    5. Clicked "View Certificate"
    6. Clicked the "Details" tab
    7. Selected the CA root certificate
    8. Clicked "Export.." and saved it to "/opt/Citrix/ICAClient/keystore"
  7. Next I logged in to Web Interface and launched my published desktop. I was prompted to Open or Save the launch.ica file.
  8. From the drop down list next to "Open with...", drill down through
    File System -> opt > Citrix > ICAClient
    Then select and click OK. I also ticked "Do this automatically for files like this from now on".
  9. My published desktop launched and I was up and running.




Thanks! Works on Centos 7 as well. Just need to install motif package instead of openmotif.


Sandeep Patade


I am trying to install Citrix reciecer on Centos 6.2 (64 bit). i followed the above instruction, but when i run "rpm -iv ICAClient-" commond, i get the below error message. anyone can help me to install ICA client on centos 6.2

error: Failed dependencies: is needed by ICAClient- is needed by ICAClient- >= 7.19.1 is needed by ICAClient- is needed by ICAClient- is needed by ICAClient-




@ Hilmar

I just ran into the same problem trying to install version 13 on a CentOs 6.5 machine.

My two workarounds:
1. Download the older version 12. and install that.
2. Use rpmrebuild to fix version 13's spec file requirements.

rpmrebuild -e -n -p ICAClient-

Then fix the libxerces and libwebkit library dependencies.

Hope this helps you or someone else.



It's been a long time since I've needed to use the ICA client on Linux, hence this post was based on version 12.0.

You can try creating symlinks from the files it is looking for to what you have installed from the older versions of those packages. Sometimes you'll have success, otherwise you might need to look at adding EPEL or RPMForge repos if they have newer versions of libxerces and libwebkitgtk available.




For ICAClient- I get this: is needed by ICAClient- is needed by ICAClient-

The webkitgtk-1.2.6-5.el6.i686 package is installed, it just provides /usr/lib/ Similar for xerces-c: only version xerces-c-3.0.1 is available.




Very good! For the step 8, in my version ICAClient_12.1.0-0.x86_64.rpm with centos 6.4, I need to copy certificates to /opt/Citrix/ICAClient/keystore/cacerts




Thanks very much!



Thank you so much for your instructions...




Thanks for publishing this--I feel like I've tried to get this working a dozen different ways with no success.

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