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The sequence I used was a combination of MS KB 240145 and this blog post. The main thing to note is that you should move your transaction log files to another location and make sure your mailbox database mounts successfully without the transaction logs before deleting them.

These instructions were used on a single mailbox database with no DAG. If you have a DAG you should enable Circular Logging and allow Exchange to clean itself up.

  1. Dismount your mailbox database through EMC.
  2. Run
    eseutil /MH "E:\Path\To\database.edb
  3. Ensure you see lines saying
    State: Clean Shutdown
    Log Required: 0-0 <0x0-0x0>
    Log Committed: 0-0 <0x0-0x0>
  4. If you see
    State: Dirty Shutdown
    Do not delete any transaction logs or you will lose information. Follow this guide to replay the transaction logs and perform a repair on the database if necessary.
  5. Once you are sure the mailbox database in in Clean Shutdown state, you can delete all the transaction logs. BEWARE not to delete your .EDB file if you store your transaction logs in the same directory as your mailbox database. In my case (Exchange 2010 default) I store them in 2 different locations so I could delete the entire contents of the log location.
  6. Mount your mailbox database and you should see new transaction log files created and mail will begin being delivered to user mailboxes again.


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