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The steps I took to diagnose and resolve the issue were:

  1. "sh log" - Except for a few messages about devices being connected/disconnected, nothing stood out as being wrong.
  2. "sh env" - Everything was reported as Good.
  3. "sh power inline" - Devices connected to the card in question were being supplied power, however there were a number of devices shown as "Cisco PD" and "IEEE PD" instead of "IP Phone 7942".
  4. I unplugged a working phone from the first line card and plugged it into the second card - the phone powered on.
  5. I plugged the phone back into the first line card and it didn't power on.

At this point I knew it was only 1 line card that was affected so I reset the card:

hw-module slot 5 reset

The card reset and all the phones came back on.


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