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I set the following VirtualBox options to successfully install Untangle 9.3 x64 under VirtualBox 4.1.18 on a Windows 8 host.

  • New VM wizard settings
    • I set the OS to Linux / Debian (64-bit).
    • I allocated 1gb RAM.
    • I allocated 20gb hard disk (The default 8gb will also work for testing purposes).
  • VM settings (after completing the wizard but prior to booting the VM)
    • In the System tab, I set Chipset to ICH9 and also unticked Enable Absolute Pointing Device.
    • In the Storage tab, I attached the Untangle ISO to the CD drive.
    • In the Audio tab, I disabled "Enable Audio" (Firewalls don't need audio).
    • In the Network tab, I configured Adapter 1 as Bridged and Adapter 2 as Host Only. These will be detected by Untangle as your External and Internal interfaces respectively.
  • After completing these steps I was able to boot the VM and install Untangle.
  • After the installation completed, but prior to rebooting, I had to disable ACPI in the kernel boot parameters:
    • Press CTRL-ALT-F2 to open a shell, then press Enter to launch it.
    • # nano /target/boot/grub/menu.lst
    • Find the default boot kernel around line 118.
    • Update the "kernel" line (line 120 as of Untangle 9.3) and append "acpi=off" to it.
    • Save and exit (CTRL-X).
    • Press CTRL-ALT-F4 to switch back to the installation interface and click "Continue".
    • While the system is rebooting, select Machine -> Close and select Power Off.
  • Click Settings -> System and change "Chipset" back to "PIIX3" then boot the VM.
  • You'll then be able to complete the setup wizard.


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