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These instructions are based on Elastix 2.4.0-beta2

  1. Login to Openfire.
  2. Click the Plugins tab.
  3. Click the link for Available Plugins.
  4. Click the little green plus (+) symbols next to the following plugins and wait for them to be installed:
    • Asterisk-IM
    • Presence Service
    • SIP Phone Plugin
  5. Once they're all installed, click the Asterisk-IM tab.
  6. Set Asterisk-IM to Enabled.
  7. Set Asterisk Queue Presence to Yes.
  8. Set Asterisk Context to from-internal.
  9. Click Save.
  10. Click the link to add a server and use the following settings:
    1. Server Name: whatever you like
    2. Server Address:
    3. Port: 5038
    4. Username: admin
    5. Password: Your Elastix admin password
  11. Click Create Server
  12. If the little icon next to your server name does not turn green, go back to the main System tab and restart the Instant Messaging Service.

You can then assign extensions to users through the Asterisk-IM Phone Mappings page.





Found this via Google, and boy it sure helped me out. Many thanks!

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