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  • Create a new AD user which you will assign the Exchange privileges to (or use an existing account, I used my journal user)
  • On the Exclaimer Archiver server, run secpol.msc
    • Drill down through Local Policies -> User Rights Assignment -> Logon as a service
    • Add your user to the list
  • Start the Exchange Management Shell and run the following command, substituting your own identity/username in the second command:
    $ExchangeServer = Get-ExchangeServer | where {$_.IsClientAccessServer -eq $true} | where {$_.IsValid -eq $true} | where {$_.IsExchange2007OrLater -eq $true} | where { $_.AdminDisplayVersion.Major -ge 14 }
    $ExchangeServer | ForEach-Object { New-ManagementRoleAssignment -Role ApplicationImpersonation -User (Get-User -Identity "<journal>" | select-object).identity }
  • Under Mail Archiver -> Settings -> Exchange Mailbox Access, click the "Configure" button.
    • Tick the checkbox for "I already have an account"
    • Click the "..." button next to the Account field and select your user.
    • Enter the password.
    • Complete the wizard.
  • Click "Test Connectivity" button and it should report a successful connection.
  • You can then tick the "Enable Restore To Mailbox" checkbox.
  • Save your settings.
  • Test that you can restore an email by logging into http://your-archiver:53444.


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