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I installed CentOS 7 on my HP MicroServer Gen8 and found the network speed was restricted to 100mbps even though I was using Cat5 cable with a gigabit switch. The solution was to disable Network Manager and modify the NIC config file.

First I upgraded the NIC firmware to the latest version. It is generally best practice but wasn't necessary as even after the update the NIC still connected at 100mbps.

Next I went through my etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eno1 file but there was nothing there specifying network speed.

Finally I decided to disable Network Manager, which I normally do anyway on a server, and reconfigured ifcfg-eno1 with the required settings.

After disabling the NetworkManager service and rebooting the NIC finally connected at 1gbps.

  1. Disable Network Manager
    systemctl stop NetworkManager
    systemctl disable NetworkManager
  2. Next I updated my /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eno1 file with the lines highlighted in yellow. Any other lines can be commented out or removed if they don't apply to your network

  3. Once the changes were made, I rebooted the server and checked the NIC speed
    dmesg|grep tg3




Unfortunately I can't answer that question.

I installed an Adaptec 6405E RAID PCIe card in mine and connected the factory SATA cable to it which was automatically detected by CentOS 7 and didn't cause anymore trouble after configuring the array through the Adaptec BIOS. I also went into the HP server BIOS and set the B120i RAID back to AHCI SATA and set the Adaptec RAID card as the primary boot device.




can you explan to me step by step how did install centos on HP microserver gen8 with the driver of HP Dynamic Smart Array B120i. when i put : modprobe.blacklist=ahci inst.dd or blacklist=ahci nothing is run or i didn't see the HP storage.
Can you tell the driver you use, it's ask me the iso file.
Thank you for your response,
Best regards.

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