link jQuery UI Autocomplete plugin with CodeIgniter

I wanted to use the jQuery Autocomplete plugin for a project and found that it is only capable of sending HTTP GET requests which is incompatible with the default CodeIgniter configuration. CodeIgniter requires that you only use HTTP POST’s to your controllers to submit AJAX parameters.

link mysqld_safe using 100% CPU

Both my network monitoring servers suffered this condition over the 2wks my company takes holidays for Christmas so I returned to work to find 2 VMs consuming 6ghz of CPU between them. A quick check of top showed mysqld_safe consuming 100% CPU on both VMs for no apparent reason.

link How To Repair The FreeBSD 7.0 Boot Loader

I decided to install FreeBSD 7.0-RELEASE in a VMware VM tonight since it was just released, and while the installation went smoothly I soon discovered that leaving the MBR of a fresh VM untouched was the wrong thing to do.